AGM 2020

We’re excited to invite you to our 2020 AGM this year, to be held on 17 November. However, social distancing measures mean that we’ll be doing things a little differently, with the chance to join the event online from the safety of your own home.

The AGM gives all our members the chance to pose questions to the Board, so you can discover what the Club has been up to in the past year, as well as getting a glimpse at future plans.

We hope that live-streaming the event gives even more members the chance to get involved, however if you won’t be available on the night, please fill out the Proxy Voting Form to cast your vote on this year’s Resolutions.  Also, please send us your questions via the AGM Question Form.  Both forms will be sent out with the instructions on how to join the virtual AGM.

AGM Information and FAQ’s

When is the AGM?


Tuesday 17 November 2020 at 7pm


How do I register to attend the AGM?


To attend the AGM virtually, which will allow you to watch, listen and vote at the AGM live via video-link, each Voting Member will be sent a registration link.

You will need a Zoom account to be able to register to attend the AGM.  It is free to join and can be done by clinking on the link (  We have chosen to do it this way as it is a method of verifying people who attend the AGM.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

What happens after I register to attend the AGM

An event link will be emailed to you closer to the AGM with instructions as to how to prepare your device for the virtual event.


All Voting Members of the Club will be sent the Agenda, Minutes of the 2019 AGM, Club accounts, the Resolutions to be voted on, an AGM Question Form and a Proxy Voting Form no later than 9 November 2020.


Everyone who would like to ask a question at the AGM will need to send their question on the AGM Question Form to the Club Manager, Adie Butcher at no later than 6pm on 15 November 2020.


If you are unable to attend the AGM but would like to vote on the Resolutions then you will need to submit your Proxy Voting Form to the Club Manager, Adie Butcher, no later than 6pm on 15 November 2020.


Will I be able to vote at the AGM?


Yes, you’ll be able to vote on the Resolutions during the AGM, as long as you have registered for the event and subject to there being a quorum of 30 Voting Members attending the AGM.

If you’re unable to attend, you’re still able to vote by completing a Proxy Voting Form and emailing it to the Club Manager, Adie Butcher at no later than 6pm on 15 November 2020.


Can I ask questions at the AGM?


Due to this new way of running the AGM, we’ll require all questions to be submitted ahead of the AGM. To supply a question please complete the AGM Question Form and submit it to Adie Butcher, Club Manager, at no later than 6pm on 15 November 2020.


The Board reserves the right to select and summarise reasonable questions and give preference to questions related to the Resolutions at the AGM.  The Board will however review all questions submitted and publish a Q&A shortly after the AGM.



We really encourage you be an active part of the Club and log on to attend the AGM on 17 November



Please ensure the completed Proxy Voting Form and/or your AGM Question Form are submitted by 6pm on Sunday 15 November 2020 for your vote to count and for your questions to be added to the event


We thank you for your ongoing support and hope you are able to join in on 17 November!